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WikiLeaks: Bombshell or Sparklers?

Now that those diplomatic cables have been made public there has been a surge of protest from the regressive elements in the West. I’m referring here to the Krauthammers, Limboughs and the others from the reactionary right who seem to flood the unfettered airways of America with invective about how WikiLeaks is releasing the truth about classic diplomatic hypocrisy – all in the name of free speech, of course.

However, a thoughtful number of individuals have acknowledged that the recent revelations by WikiLeaks is certainly not of the caliber of Daniel Ellsberg’s revelations known as the Pentagon Papers. From what I have read so far appears to suggest what we’ve already thought is actually true. Blogger David Michael Green (The Regressive Antidote) notes, “This is not the Reagan administration demanding that the world embargo Iran even while secretly selling them missiles, or constantly evoking the great cause of democracy while even more constantly undermining it everywhere on the planet.”

What puzzles me is how there can be such moral outrage over recent WikiLeaks when there was little or no coverage, much less condemnation, when the Downing Street Memos were released in England back in 2005. These memos were minutes from meetings between the top British and American officials as they planned their war in Iraq and their war of lies to cover for it.

What I don’t understand is why it’s OK to kill and maim innocents through lies and chicanery but criminally irresponsible to let the world know about it.

The Obama administration has been a huge disappointment as a result of its ineffective management of the political agenda over the last two years. It has not negotiated effectively with the minority Republicans, usually giving concessions before getting anything in return. While some progressive legislation has been passed, the overall impression is that the GOP (Grand Old Prevaricators) has been the party in control.

So, if you are as powerful and rich as the US, even if the wall street barons, banks and insurance companies have brought the world to the brink of insolvency, you can still let the worst criminals get away, literally, with murder. There is no reason why G.W.Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice and the rest of that cabal should not face justice.

Of course, we should never forget that, governments are the creatures of the corporatist lust for power. Oh, you thought we had democracies at work here in the West -- well, disabuse yourself of that naive notion. Whether the legislators are in Canada, the UK or the US, they would limit the power of corporations to be totally self-interested at their peril. A corporation has , apart from legal constraints, no other responsibility except to its shareholders -- not to its employees, its customers and not to the society in which it thrives.

So, is it any wonder we see how big oil, big pharma, big finance (Wall Street, banks, insurance companies), big agra and big war control congress in the US? And are we surprised to discover how our Canadian governments behave like such sycophantic acolytes to the American beast?

And while I’m at it, let’s stop trying to be a petty version of the US and thinking we could have a democratic influence on a tribal country that has resisted the influence of foreigners for centuries. In other words, let’s get our Canadian troops out of Afghanistan now. Not in two years. Now.