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Dreams only, no resolutions...

 My resolutions are reviewed daily and, because they are scheduled, often get completed. Meanwhile, I have these hopes, these dreams:
  • Let's distinguish between hopes and reasonable expectations.
  • The religious bullies need to let up and let live.
  • Why do we continue to honour the war machine and its greedy adherents?
  • We must protect ourselves with a national securities regulator.
  • Our federal government must start taking care of Canadians in difficulty abroad.
  • If we closed more prisons we could take better care of those with ARND in the appropriate training residential  facilities.
  • When will the beverage alcohol industry learn to take responsibility for its products?
  • What a rich nation we would be if shareholders would realize that the high cost of doing business  is not the cost of labour but the obscene amounts given to senior management.
  • A child dies every 3 seconds around the world for lack of clean water and we can't even manage that for our aboriginal reserves.
  • When will we establish a clear cut purpose and mission trajectory for our Canadian Armed Forces?
  • Politicians need to make the fundamental shift from what is best for their parties to what is best for society.
  • Finally, let's get rid of 1st past the post elections.

  • If there is anything in the above you don't understand, I'll be glad to elaborate.


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